Tattoo / SPMU Removal


Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted tattoos. As well as tattoo removal our medical grade AW3® Flash Ink™– ND Yag Q Switched Laser system can also be used to remove semi-permanent makeup and some birthmarks.


Our laser tattoo removal treatment will break down the tattoo ink using the laser light which your body’s immune system will then naturally and safely remove. Individual results may vary.

After treatment You may notice that skin is slightly sore, perhaps even red in the hours following; this can be eased with a cool compress. Sore or red skin may be experienced directly afterwards – rather like mild sunburn, this will soon subside and can be eased with a cool compress.


We use the most advanced medical grade lasers to ensure the most safe and successful reduction of black and multi-coloured tattoos.

This superior procedure safely targets a wide range of colours from black, blue and red, to orange, purple and even the most difficult colours like green and sky blue.

The laser sends short bursts of precisely controlled pulses of light directly into ink molecules and shatters them so that the remains can be gradually absorbed into your body without any damage to the surrounding tissue of the skin.

A reduction in pigmentation is visible after just one treatment however a course of treatments may be prescribed for optimum results. During your consultation, our experienced laser practitioner will assess your skin type along with the size and complexity of your tattoo to determine the best regime.


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